Aug 06 2014


See You In September!


It's August, Paris is dead except for tourists and so I'm off too!

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Jul 04 2014


Happy Fourth Of July!

Early work attributed to Jean-Michel Basquiat

Early work attributed to Jean-Michel Basquiat.

A very happy 4th of July celebration to all my U.S. based readers!

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Jul 02 2014


We Should All Aspire To “Elegant Rebellion”.

Alysia Montano:elegant rebellion

I was catching up on my reading this past weekend when I came across a write-up of London-based designer Duro Olowu’s current exhibition entitled More Material. It is a tribute of sorts to the rebellious side of women and in describing his show, Olowu used the term “elegant rebellion”.

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Jul 01 2014


On Digital Virtual Product Placement And Trust.


Ever heard of the term "digital virtual product placement"? Even if you haven't, chances are you've experienced it while watching your favorite television show.

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Jun 30 2014


Reminder: Hackers On The Runway Conference.


There has to be more to luxury's digital future than Google Glass and diamond-encrusted cell phones. That's why I'm excited to be attending the upcoming Hackers on the Runway conference which will take place in Paris tomorrow and Wednesday (July 1 & 2).

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Jun 24 2014


Gallup Social Media Study Yields Uncomfortable Truths.


A recent study by Gallup in the U.S. concluded that "Social media are not the powerful and persuasive marketing force many companies hoped they would be". I consider this finding to be very good news.

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Jun 23 2014


A Vogue Cover You Won't Be Ashamed To Display.


While nothing will ever redeem Anna Wintour after that cover, the site of Lupita Nyong'o's radiant smile on the July issue of U.S. Vogue is certainly a breath of fresh air in an otherwise stale industry.

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Jun 17 2014


Can Luxury And Digital Innovation Co-Exist?

Luxury craftsmanship

While the terms “digital innovation” have become inextricably intertwined with Silicon Valley in our collective conscience, the truth is that there is exciting innovation taking place right here in Paris too. Whether it is the success of homegrown e-commerce platforms like Vente-Privé or Xavier Niel’s projected tech hub, 1000StartUps, it’s clear that not all of France’s digital innovators have moved State-side or across the Channel.

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Jun 16 2014


Le Meridien's Final 'Unlock Art' Film Asks 'What's So Funny?'

Rosler:Bringing the War Home04

House Beautiful: Bringing the War Home, Martha Rosler, 2004.

I had the pleasure of attending the launch of What’s So Funny?, the final in a series of eight short films produced jointly by the Tate and Le Méridien Hotels (Starwood Group) for its Unlock Art program.

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Jun 09 2014


Suzy Menkes And Fashion's Bitch Brigade.



In her much awaited inaugural column for Vogue, former International New York Times fashion critic Suzy Menkes has taken on what she termed “the bitch brigade”.

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