Apr 11 2016


When Artists Act Like Brands.

Anish Kapoor:Vantablack

Can I get away with this?

Tiffany blue, Hermes orange and now Kapoor black? I've been mulling over news reports from a few weeks ago that British artist Anish Kapoor has secured the exclusive right to use the high-tech color "Vantablack".

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Apr 05 2016


Saint Laurent Under Slimane: A Legacy?


So it's now official. Hedi Slimane has left the once-fabled house of Saint Laurent. His replacement is a relatively unknown young Belgian designer by the name of Anthony Vaccarello.

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Mar 29 2016


On Risks And Rewards: Erwin Olaf For Ruinart.


To anyone who observes the luxury industry even casually, it's fairly clear that while many brands talk a good game about innovation and risk-taking, a lot of it is just that, talk. Advertising and communication styles have become formulaic with brands relying largely on glossy images of famous people. It's all very pretty but rarely generates more than a blip on your radar.

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Feb 15 2016


London, We Have A Problem.


I was perusing the March edition of British Vogue this weekend and I came to one rather sad conclusion.

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Jan 29 2016


Raise A Glass To The Weekend!

Happy Friday

It's Friday at last and that deserves a toast. Raise your glass high, raise it often, repeat.

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Jan 27 2016


Art Above The Fragrance Counters?

Ai Weiwei Bon Marche

I must admit, I was curious about the Ai Weiwei installation at Paris' Le Bon Marche but I had my doubts. Can serious, culturally relevant art co-exist with fragrance samples? Would the art of commerce overshadow or even cheapen the artist's message?

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Jan 26 2016


Progress Measured One Advert At A Time?


Last April, I wrote a post on racial diversity in the fashion industry in which I suggested that progress on this front seemed to be more forthcoming from brand adverts and e-commerce sites like Net-A-Porter than mainstream fashion editorials in magazines like Vogue.

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Jan 25 2016


Musings On Fame And Privacy.

David bowie:privacy

So much has been written about David Bowie's legacy since his recent death that there seems nothing truly of consequence to add. Except perhaps one thing: The manner in which he lived his life is, to me, proof that fame does not have to come at the expense of either privacy or dignity.

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Jan 15 2016


Friday At Last ...


I've spent altogether too much time in airports this week and it has taken it's toll. And to think there was a time when the thought of zipping through airports seemed grown up and oh so very glamorous. What was I thinking?

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Jan 13 2016


Everything Old Is New Again?

Theatre-District:1967:Sepp Werkmeisterjpg

Is that a Prada coat? Or is it Mui Mui? Marni? Marc Jacobs maybe? Gucci under Alessandro Michele?

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