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Welcome to The Luxe Chronicles.

The Luxe Chronicles is a collection of interviews, profiles and musings on various aspects of the luxury industry and occasionally, a rant on our celebrity obsessed culture and the dumbing down of our collective sense of style and esthetic. Luxury, both as an industry and as a concept, will be the primary focus of The Luxe Chronicles although I expect to digress on occasion. What would be the point of writing your own blog if you can't digress when you feel like it?

The Luxe Chronicles is written and edited by me, Helene. The idea for The Luxe Chronicles was born out of frustration with current blogs dedicated to the luxury industry. While many of the better fashion blogs are funny, irreverent and brutally honest, many of the luxury blogs are mere portals for advertising and offer little independent review or critique. In contrast, I would like The Luxe Chronicles to be an honest discussion about luxury, not only as an industry but also as a concept and the blurring of the lines between consumption and style.

The opinions expressed in The Luxe Chronicles are exclusively my own. My viewpoint is from the perspective of a consumer of luxury goods and services. The features, profiles, and occasional product, services and book and movie reviews will be collected by myself with occasional input from trusted friends and relations including journalists, writers, designers, lawyers, artists and marketing professionals.

I do not publish sponsored links or posts as I believe they can be misleading to readers and as a consumer, I don't feel comfortable with the practice. I also refuse to merely publish press releases relating to products or events I am not personally familiar with or have not directly experienced myself.

The Luxe Chronicles welcomes all comments provided they don't constitute attempts to advertise a commercial site, product or service. Criticisms and corrections are always welcome. Comments deemed offensive, rude or hurtful will be promptly taken down. For further details regarding The Luxe Chronicles' policies, please click on Terms of Use. Enjoy!



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