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Mulberry Teams Up With Cutler & Gross: An Example Of Intelligent Co-Branding

Jan 22 2008

The past ten years or so has seen an explosion of "it" accessories emanating from the most unlikely places: jewelers introducing fragrances, sunglasses and handbags - handbag and luggage manufacturers introducing jewelry lines. And what is there to say about Roberto Cavalli vodka or Prada cellphones? Consumers of luxury goods would be forgiven for being just a tad cynical. After all, what does a luggage manufacturer know about manufacturing eye wear or jewelry anyway? Don't these brands trade on their history, craftsmanship and expertise which presumably accounts for the hefty price tag?

For every instance of luxury co-branding that smacks of cynicism and greed however, there are those instances that reassure you that the brand in question cares about more than just profit margins. When British label Mulberry announced it was adding eyewear to its steadily growing product portfolio, I couldn't stifle the urge to roll my eyes. That is, until I learned that the brand had teamed up with cult London designer and vintage label Cutler & Gross to produce a five-piece collection of sunglasses. The collaboration has resulted in a line of five models for Spring 2008 inspired by Cutler & Gross' archive pieces from the early 80's and 90's. The five Mulberry eyewear designs will include a classic aviator model along with pieces dubbed "Betsie", "Jackie", "Francis" and "Debbie". The line will be handmade and retail at £225 GBP or $440 USD. (Source) For those of you too impatient to wait for spring, the designs are available now at the Mulberry store on Bond Street, London.

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