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Christian Louboutin's Designs For One & Only Resort

Apr 15 2008

So many times, luxury co-branding smacks of opportunism or worst yet, comes across as silly. Diamond-encrusted Tiffany cellphone anyone? A shot of Roberto Cavalli vodka perhaps? Poorly thought-out co-branding projects signal either an identity crises for the brands involved or worst yet, contempt for customers of those brands. Every so often however, the brands in question display a clear understanding of their identity and a genuine respect for the end-customer. Christian Louboutin's limited-edition collection of espadrilles for the luxury resort chain One & Only is one such instance. The genius of this exercise in co-branding lies in the synergy between the brands: note that Louboutin didn't design another 5-inch platform stiletto (his trademark) for the beach resort. His offering is a simple espadrille-style wedge sandal, an elegant and appropriate style of shoe that works both for the beach as well as an evening out. In other words, entirely a propos footwear for a resort. While this observation may seem trite, at The Luxe Chronicles we never cease to be amazed by the parade of silly and sometimes downright weird luxury co-branding projects.

While Louboutin has included espadrille styles in his own collections for several seasons (if you recall, they were all the rage for Spring/Summer 2006), this is his first resort collaboration with the One & Only resort chain. The espadrilles will retail for $375 USD and include three wedge-heeled styles called the Cataribbon, the Tiburon and the Isabelle. They will be sold at the resort's boutiques at One & Only Palmilla, Mexico, and One & Only Royal Mirage, Dubai as well as Louboutin's boutiques in London and New York. One & Only's collaboration with Louboutin is the latest in a series the resort group is cultivating with the high-end designers that include Anya Hindmarch, Matthew Williamson and Alice Temperley. (Source) 

A second Louboutin collection for the resorts is reportedly in the works and will hit the boutiques in November. Enjoy!


The Luxe Chronicles

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Dear Savvy Gal:

I know just what you mean - some models of Christian Louboutin shoes hurt my feet too. I tend to wear them around my flat so that I get used to them. I look kind of funny preparing dinner in my Lady Gres platform stilettos but it does help me feel more comfortable when I wear them out. May I also suggest that a few glasses of champagne does wonders for the pain.

The Luxe Chronicles

I've always loved Christian Louboutin's shoes, not only that but also the way he conducts his business, which is still relatively small and he hasn't given into the branding circus like other luxury brands.

Funny you mentioned the Palmilla since I've been there once a couple of years ago for drinks and lunch, what a gorgeous resort! Everyone says hi to you even if you're just passing by, and I don't know what kind of drink du jour they had but it was delicious! Would love to back if I could afford it.

They are really cute, though for some reason I can't wear Louboutin heels. They just kill my feet.

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