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Luxury: Don't Get Taken In by Fake Louboutins

Jul 21 2009

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Christian Louboutin shoes at bargain-basement prices ... we've all seen the ubiquitous ads on various blogs and websites including the New York Times. 'Too good to be true' you may ask? Well, yes actually. As most things in life, if something seems too good to be true, it most likely is. The shoes are fakes, counterfeits, knock-offs, schlock. Manolo's Shoe Blog has posted a detailed diagram identifying the tell-tale signs of a fake Louboutin shoe. I encourage you to take a look.

As I've argued many times before on this blog, there are countless compelling reasons not to purchase counterfeit goods. They are invariably the product of organized crime and the counterfeit goods trade is linked to child labor, human trafficking, terrorism networks and loss of legitimate employment and tax revenue. And, if by chance the moral and legal arguments aren't enough to dissuade you from purchasing them, the fakes have wobbly heels. Trust me, 5-inch platform heels are difficult enough to maneuver in without the added challenge of defective heels.

The site in question uses images of real Louboutin shoes, a common ploy encountered on eBay and countless counterfeit sites. Please don't get taken in. Purchase your Christian Louboutin heels at one of his eponymous stores or at reputable retailers such as Bergdorf Goodman, Saks Fifth Avenue, Harvey Nichols or Net-A-Porter.


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Nice summary - the detail most of these "Spot Fake Louboutin" sites are missing is that the red sole will often have fine ridges on the fakes. I bought a pair from a consignment store second hand, so I was OK with the price ($250). However, I thought they might be fakes because the lining wasn't nicely glued down. I took them to an official Louboutin store in the Village NYC, and the staff told me they were real. They clearly weren't versed in identifying fakes - which is not really their fault, that's not what they're paid to do.

I wouldn't purchase Louboutins online from any place else other than the sites you've mentioned. Plus has a warning on their website to be aware of counterfeiters and to only shop at the sites they've mentioned.

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