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Social Media: A Bit Of Common Courtesy Will Do.

Sep 15 2011

The Luxe Chronicles:Dear Blogger

"Dear Blogger Person ... "

In my work, I have the opportunity to interact with a great many PR firms and reps who are polite, effective and utterly professional. Having said this, my "IN" box is currently clogged with e-mails from PR reps representing celebrities, designers and/or brands with a rather questionable grasp of business etiquette or even common courtesy.

Many of these e-mails address me variously as "Dear Blogger", "Dear [Insert Name]", "Dear Blogger Person" or simply "Hi!". They all profess to "love" my blog. Many go on to assure me that my readers will be positively fascinated to learn that their client has launched a "really fabulous" new product or service or recently threw a "really fabulous" party and that I should go right ahead and feel free to publish this compelling bit of "news". They even attach several high-resolution images to illustrate my post. So very thoughtful.

From where I sit, a PR rep is an extension of the clients they represent. Whether brands realise it or not, the PR firms they mandate to communicate on their behalf are brand ambassadors. I can't imagine any brand wanting to be associated with a PR firm or rep that start business correspondence with "Dear Blogger Person" or merely "Hi". Rudimentary notions of business etiquette should apply whether the communication is sent via snail mail or e-mail.

My solution is simply to delete the e-mail, a somewhat tedious but effective remedy. The damage to a brand's image from a clueless or rude PR rep however can't be so easily remedied.


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Add clear lack of research to bad manners...

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