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Social Media: Mr. Zuckerberg Goes To Washington.

Sep 27 2011


First came the heavyweight lobbyist in the form of Joel Kaplan, former deputy chief of staff under George W. Bush and the man known throughout Washington as responsible for successfully shepherding the highly invasive Patriot Act through Congress. Now comes the PAC (Political Action Committee) which will funnel political donations to various political candidates who might be persuaded to help them advance their policy interests. This is no coincidence.

There is a fierce battle up ahead over control of end user data which companies like Facebook are currently busy stockpiling. Two proposed bills that would curb the amount of end user data that can be collected are currently winding their way through the Byzantine legislative process in the U.S. Congress. Simply put, Facebook wants to ensure that whatever limitations on their data collecting activities which result from this legislation remain as innocuous as possible.

And don't make the mistake of assuming that this stockpiled data stops at your Facebook activities (it does not) or that its uses are reserved exclusively for the purposes of targeted adverts (it isn't). As with any sector heavily reliant on research and development of new products and services, you need to fast forward five to ten years ahead and beyond to anticipate how the countless tidbits of information about every aspect of your personal and professional life (both online and off) and that of your community might be valuable to Facebook and many others. If you're not already worried about your privacy, you should be.


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Facebook is over, at least on the way it was built. Evolve or die.

Zuckerberg will not be satisfied until he has replaced "the Web" with "Facebook." I fail to understand why people are willing to cede such power and control to one kid who has contributed nothing of substance to society except to make a lot of money off of other people's personal information.

Thank you for this commentary. There is no privacy on the web, we should just assume that anything we write, browse, post or share is for public consumption and commercial exploitation. Even the supposedly "helpful" filtering and targeting of information by search engines - based on one's profile and web history - is debatable, as it precludes one from real freedom of choice. It is the ultimate profiling tool. Besides this, I continue to admire you for the depth and relevance of your posts!

LOL! Take heart LuxeBytes. You would be surprised by the number of highly intelligent, highly educated, tech savvy elites I encounter regularly who haven't read FB's T&C's and think that the only harm that can come with oversharing on FB is targeted adverts. They'll get it eventually.


I make myself the object of derision every time I suggest that Mark Zuckerberg is an NSA operative. "Where's your tinfoil hat, Mom?!"

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