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Totally Envious of Karl Lagerfeld's Time Management Skills.

Apr 03 2012

Karl Lagerfeld

Coca Cola bottles, a cake for Laduree, a diet book, CD compilations, a documentary film, a teddy bear and a lead figurine in his likeness (both "collectibles" of course), condos in Dubail, stemware, a chocolate sculpture of his "muse" Baptiste Giabiconi and now shrubbery. Yes, shrubbery.

There are also his periodic forays into le septieme art which never fail to amuse (albeit unintentionally), the visual ad campaigns for Chanel which he personally directs and shoots, a recently re-launched eponymous pret-a-porter collection and his many personal appearances in support of his many extracurricular projects. And lest we forget, there is his day job for the House of Chanel which includes spinning out two couture and several pret-a-porter collections per year not to mention accessories. Oh, and did I mention the pret-a-porter collections for Fendi? I nearly forgot that one. Never let it be said that Karl Lagerfeld belongs to the class of idle rich who spend their days playing golf and their nights wandering aimlessly from party to party.

What amazes me most however is that notwithstanding all this creative hyperactivity, he still manages to find the time to retaliate against a respected fashion journalist who dares to question (rightfully) his relevance and publicly lob insults at the journalist's editor. Where on earth does he find the time and energy? Personally, I would like Karl Lagerfeld's next "project" to be a time management guide. I want to know his secret for stretching the hours and days to accommodate all those side projects on top of his day job and still have energy left over to engage in verbal sparring with Tina Brown. How about it Mr. Lagerfeld? We could all use a few tips on making the most of our time.


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He's into....shrubbery. What else can one say? Karl is simply... a-Maze-ing!!
Few people - at any age - can be so energetic as to cover such a scope of activities without an issue of consistency.

The subject has probably been talked about in hushed tones, but Robin Givhan merely made it official with her article.

His poor response, imo, only gave credence to the doubts. He should have simply brushed the question off by saying: Nobody has complained!
Besides, doesn't the man know that, engaging in such hyperactivity, he is making it hard for other designers, at a time when many ``poor''
hired hands are moaning about being spread too thin?

Imagine Mr A's retort at Marc for complaining about too many collections to handle: ``If Karl can do it, so can you!!'' LOL!!

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