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Social Media: What's Your Excuse?

Jan 21 2013

Chris Hadfield:Twitter

Today's post is dedicated to all those who consider themselves too busy, too important, too serious, too whatever to engage in community building online (aka social media). I would like all of those very busy, very important, very serious types to consider Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield, currently stationed on the International Space Station.

In between conducting medical experiments, collecting space samples for analysis, performing routine maintenance of the space station and stearing clear of space debris, he finds the time to tweet and pin from space. He answers questions from school children and enthusiastic adults alike, posts stunning images of Planet Earth, uploads sounds from space and even has time to exchange pleasantries with William Shatner, otherwise known as Capitain James T. Kirk of the USS Enterprise. Still not impressed?

He is engaging young minds and cultivating a genuine fascination in space travel and research via Project Sky Science, a unique collaboration with the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) and using social media platforms to do it. In other words, he is inspiring a new generation of young scientists by merely engaging them online via Twitter and Pinterest. How cool is that?! Follow Commander Hadfield to see how it's done.


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