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What's In A Name?

Feb 26 2013


It was once called the European edition of The New York Herald, then The New York Herald Tribune eventually becoming The International Herald Tribune or just "the IHT" for short. It is now set to be rechristened The International New York Times this upcoming fall.

Just as there is "comfort food", there is "comfort reading" and the IHT has been just that for generations of English-speaking expats in Paris. No matter how fluent your French or how well you've acclimatized to your host country, the newspaper provides not just news and analysis of "home" but also a dose of familiar culture. Moreover, it acts as a sort of cultural primer for Europeans eager to better understand American political culture and has become a "must read" for the fashion cognescenti throughout the biannual fashion weeks that stretch from New York to Paris by way of London and Milan.

These are tumultuous times for traditional print media and by the sounds of it, there is far more to this announcement than a mere name change. No one can begrudge the New York Times Company its bid to adapt to the new media landscape. Let's just hope that the essence of the IHT remains intact.


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I think the name is important, the familiarity instills confidence in the publication and that's very important.

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