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Fashion: Oh Come On Now Mr. Tonchi!

Mar 05 2013

Not Me But A Reasonable Facsimile Of My Reaction

Not me but a reasonable facsimile of my reaction to Stefano Tonchi's comment.

The mudslinging between fashion bloggers and members of the fashion media that ensued after the publication of Suzy Menkes' piece The Circus of Fashion continued throughout Paris Fashion Week with a video published by Now Fashion late last week. At approximately 7:18 into it, W Magazine editor Stefano Tonchi had this to say:

"Social media can be much more corrupted and much more corruptible than like serious journalists because journalism, the history of journalism, has produced a system of control somehow and you know that Suzy Menkes is reliable as a source of information."

By all means, take aim at fashion bloggers for their superficial analysis, conflicts of interest, penchant for payola and in some instances irresponsible behaviour but if you're going to venture into a debate about corruption within the industry, you need to do so with clean hands. There is of course some truth to Mr. Tonchi's statement but the inescapable fact is that mainstream fashion media (including magazines and newspapers) also has much to answer for in terms of impartiality, professional standards and ethics. This sad state of affairs existed long before the first blogger arrived on the fashion scene.

Bloggers indeed have much to answer for in terms of conduct, ethics and overall lack of professionalism but so do many members of the mainstream fashion media. As I've stated before, there is ample room in the industry for both serious bloggers and serious journalists provided they adhere to some kind of professional standard. This would require some genuine soul-searching in both camps and an honest debate of the issues. If this current spat is any indication however, neither has reached this point yet. In the meantime, a healthy dose of skepticism remains de rigueur.


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