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Fashion: Not Your Average Vogue Editor-In-Chief.

Jul 04 2013


Vogue editors tend to be known for many things: Power, glamour, influence and occasional controversy. They are rarely known however for being plain spoken even though the fashion industry is in desperate need of it. For this reason alone, a recent Telegraph interview of Vogue Italia editor-in-chief Franca Sozzani makes her stand out from the rest of the Vogue editors.

Here are a few snippets of the interview in question to illustrate my point:

"It's not that fashion itself is ridiculous. It's the people in fashion who make fashion ridiculous. (…) They dress to be portrayed by bloggers and street style [photographers]. It became a fashion to be outrageous."


"[I]t seems a lot of women behave stupidly because they only want to get married and have kids and have a rich man and beautiful clothes. These women do not deserve anything from me.'"

Given that many of those "stupid" women are probably Vogue readers and/or customers of the many luxury and fashion brands that advertise in her magazine, them's fightin' words to use an American colloquialism. While you may or may not share Ms. Sozzani's point of view, it's difficult not to acknowledge that by Condé Nast standards, her willingness to utter those thoughts publicly places her virtually in a class by herself. Respect.


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Pleasure! She's a breath a fresh air in an otherwise stale environment. It deserves to be shared.


I love her honesty and bluntness. Fashion on the street has gotten totally out of hand. It's obnoxiously everywhere, parading itself as how we should aspire to look. Heading over to read the interview. That's for drawing it to my attention. Have a great day.

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