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A Few Random Musings On The State Of Fashion.

Mar 27 2014


After the fashion week marathon with all the shows, parties and petty drama, I always find it useful to take a step back and let it all sink in. There are so many wonderful things to celebrate about fashion but there are also aspects that I find profoundly irritating, many of which were prominently on display during this past round of shows.

1. I've noted a number of people dressing like their BFFs to attend fashion week events. If you're old enough to attend a fashion show on your own, then you're most definitely too old for this. Let go of middle school.

2. Why feign indifference or boredom whilst being photographed by throngs of street style bloggers? You've obviously invested much effort to transform yourself into a fashion sideshow. Embrace it Anne Dello Russo-style or find another hobby.

3. There's an awful lot of bad fashion decisions out there masquerading as "originality". The trick is to make unusual associations that actually work together (think Iris Apfel and Jenna Lyons). Otherwise, you just look like a clown.

4. I don't care how famous you are, holding up the start of fashion shows in order to orchestrate an entrance for yourself just ends up annoying everybody. Take a page from Ines de la Fressange's playbook: Arrive a few minutes before the show starts, politely take your seat and smile for the photographers. So much classier.

5. I wish I could say I understand the appeal of Cara Delavigne but that would be a lie. What's up with all the grimacing anyway?

6. Are we done with the topknot hairstyle yet? It's no longer fresh nor interesting. Please move on.

7. And since we're on the subject of tired trends, can we also move on from the slouchy ankle boot. With perhaps the exception of Karlie Kloss whose legs seem to go on forever, they do absolutely nothing for anyone.

8. Elaborate mise en scènes for fashion shows like antique trains, giant melting blocks of ice and faux supermarkets may be spectacular but they take your attention away from the actual collections. Or was that the idea all along?

9. As a general rule, when invited to a fashion show, it's best not to make off with the set display. I'm reasonably certain your parents raised you better than that.

10. I'm always gobsmacked when big, prestigious luxury fashion brands pilfer design ideas from small, independent luxury fashion brands. Got milk Chanel?

Ahhh! So glad to get that off my chest.


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5. At least I am not alone in the universe. What's with this It Girl who looks like a Magritte painting,ie, no face and just those...brows?
8. Uncle Karl is a great mathematician who creates endless permutations with the Chanel codes..but he is obligated to shout `eureka!' with big, bold sets. He's an astute businessman and also faithful employee of Chanel SA.

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