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Back In The Saddle.

Apr 28 2014

Back In The Saddle

Dear Readers: My apologies for the prolonged silence. I so wish I had an interesting story to tell you but sadly, I have nothing more exciting to explain my absence than the usual excuses: Work, work-related travel and familial obligations. I know. So exciting, right?

The truth is that it takes both time and perspective to produce quality content and there are moments when I simply get too overwhelmed to focus meaningfully on blogging. Rather than serve up just anything, I would rather post nothing at all. It's a matter of respect both for my readers and myself. I trust you understand.

In any event, the worst of my "work storm" is now over and I'm back in the saddle so-to-speak. I even managed to sneak in a few days of much needed R&R with my family. I will be resuming my regular posting schedule starting this week. Thank you for your patience.


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