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Introducing The Bag Formerly Known As A 'Birkin Croco'.

Jul 30 2015

Birkin Croco

Oh dear. Trouble in luxury land.

Long-time Hermes brand ambassador Jane Birkin wants her name disassociated from crocodile versions of her namesake bag after discovering a June 23rd video posted on YouTube by PETA. The disturbing video shows crocodiles crammed into concrete pits at farms in Texas and Zimbabwe and workers hacking and skinning conscious animals. Birkin understandably wants no further association with the offending products.

Trouble is that the bags can be made from a variety of materials ranging from canvas to ostrich and Birkin wants her name removed only from crocodile versions but not the rest which is not exactly ideal from a branding or communications perspective. Perhaps the solution would be to drop Birkin's name altogether and find a new brand ambassador, one who has greater relevance for Millenials and Gen Zs?

Luckily for Hermes, there is no shortage of celebrities eager to become brand ambassadors who have little or no morals to speak of. In fact, there are celebrities who have proven themselves willing to lend their names to all manner of products from diet pills to fake tanner, no questions asked other than "how much"? So a few crocodiles have been skinned alive? What price the most Instagrammable of trophies?

Come to think of it, this has "Kardashian" written all over it. "Kardashian Kroko" does have a certain ring to it, wouldn't you agree?


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I have mixed emotions on this. I love the luxurious Birkin bag, but am against animal cruelty too. I wonder what the impact would be if Birkin will be removed from this popular Hermes product. I seem to can't find a suitable replacement unless they opt to modify the bag's design a bit. Would love to know updates on this. :)

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