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You Call Yourself A "Luxury" Brand?

Oct 28 2015


Better not drop that bag.

There is more to a luxury brand than merely a hefty price tag and a haughty attitude.

Values like design, materials, craftsmanship and service are important aspects of the lure of luxury products. After-sales service is especially important when dealing in products made with intricate parts such as watches or items made from precious and often fragile materials like handbags. So what are we to make of a so-called luxury brand that stops offering refurbishment services for products older than five years?

Chanel has recently announced that it will cease refurbishing handbags older than five years and in any event, will not refurbish handbags without the original receipt. Never mind that a basic 2:55 flap bag will set you back more than the average monthly rent of a family of four. Never mind that the appeal of a classic Chanel bag is precisely that it never really goes out of fashion and that you're likely to keep it for life. Never mind that where luxury products are concerned five years is a ridiculously short time for after sales service.

I consider this policy change as arrogant as it is misguided. The fact that it comes on the heels of a significant price increase across all handbag lines just adds insult to injury for all the brand's customers.

The next time you find yourself tempted to part with your hard-earned money on a Chanel handbag, ask yourself whether such a brand deserves your business.


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