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A Tantalizing Thought.

Dec 09 2015

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There is a tantalizing rumor currently circulating amongst Paris fashion circles regarding the changing of the guards at a fabled fashion house.

Here are a few clues. See if you can identify the brand and the potential successor:

Hint: The brand in question was founded by a stubborn and opinionated woman. It is currently helmed by a stubborn and opinionated man.

Hint: The brand in question is sometimes identified uniquely by the founder's initials.

Hint: Two candidates are being considered. Both are women and both are darlings of the fashion cognoscenti.

Hint: The front runner is credited with reviving a plodding fashion brand and ushering in a new era in womenswear.

Hint: The other candidate hails from the couture world and is often praised for creating elegant couture-quality wardrobe staples that fit a woman's lifestyle needs. While her collections are pret-a-porter, she shows during couture week.

Hint: Both candidates are known for an elegant, pared-down aesthetic that would signal a major shift from the brand's current direction.

Any thoughts?


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Chanel was a woman who thought like a man. She created clothes for a man who loved being a woman - suave, elegant, brisk.
Chanel the brand isn't a good fit for a woman who designs clothes for herself as some modern multiple entity - that wife/mother/daughter thing. Epic Fail, imo.
Chanel LIVED fashion. It is singular and all-consuming.
Karl Lagerfeld has embodied l'esprit Chanel from the go-get. I love Karl. But even living legends need time out. All the spectacular stage sets & It models du jour can't keep the lid on the swelling realization that Chanel is losing touch - slowly - with the Instagram generation.
The runaway success of Hedi Slimane's `bad good taste' at Saint Laurent is a game changer for luxury fashion.

Actually, you're correct on all three counts. Well done!


Chanel, Phoebe Philo and Bouchra Jarrar (though I think I’m wrong on the latter)?

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