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Merry Christmas?

Dec 24 2015

Merry Christmas & A Chic New Year

As my regular readers can attest, I am a self-declared bone fides Christmas freak. I love Christmas and I simply don't care whether in some circles, that may make me what the French would call plouc (deeply uncool to the point of being backward). I will concede however that I had to work a bit harder this year to capture the festive spirit.

Part of it is the direct aftermath of the November 13 attacks. It's hard to be festive when you know so many families are still grieving the loss of their loved ones and many victims are still in hospital. Also, the news in France since has been a steady flow of negatitivity from the precipitous drop in tourism (the one economic sector in France that was actually thriving prior to the attacks) to the rise of the xenophobic Front National party in the last round of legislative elections which is sure to set the stage for a vitriolic presidential campaign come 2017. It's as though a thick, heavy blanket of gloom has been spread over Paris and we're all struggling to come out from under it.

So, while my tree is as big as ever, the presents are bought and wrapped and the warm greetings have been sent, I would be somewhat disingenuous if I didn't acknowledge the pall over my beloved city and it's effect on all of us this holiday season. The only way I've found to cope is to draw my loved ones even nearer and to be especially mindful of our many blessings. A safe and peaceful Christmas (if not exactly a merry one) will do.

Joyeux Noel a tous.


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