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Everything Old Is New Again?

Jan 13 2016

Theatre-District:1967:Sepp Werkmeisterjpg

Is that a Prada coat? Or is it Mui Mui? Marni? Marc Jacobs maybe? Gucci under Alessandro Michele?

The above image was actually taken in New York City's Theatre District in 1967. So why is the fashion vibe (minus the hair and make up) in this vintage photograph so contemporary?

Is it the lingering influence of Mad Men? Or is it because fashion, with few exceptions, hasn't turned out anything truly "new" in a very long time and designers are constantly pilfering the past in lieu of actual inspiration? It does make you wonder what we're paying for, doesn't it?


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I honestly think it's just a lack of creativity. And, more than that, laziness on the designers' side who always get their inspiration from the '60s and the '70s. No real curiosity or passion or research.
At least this picture express irony while in the fashion shows everything is so serious.

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