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Friday At Last ...

Jan 15 2016


I've spent altogether too much time in airports this week and it has taken it's toll. And to think there was a time when the thought of zipping through airports seemed grown up and oh so very glamorous. What was I thinking?

When I was an undergraduate, I didn't know exactly what I wanted to be when I grew up but I knew I wanted a career that took me all over the world. I wanted to travel, experience new cultures and discover new places. Of course, when these dreams took root, 9/11, the London Shoe Bomber, the Underwear Bomber and all the indignities that terrorism and the threat of terrorism has since heaped upon modern day travelers hadn't happened yet. It was before we had to remove our shoes and belts, decant our toiletries, dump all of our possessions into plastic bins and submit to rude pat downs from surly security officials. Unless you're flying private, air travel now feels like a perverse obstacle course. As a result, I have come to loath airports.

Problem is that I still love to discover new places and experience foreign cultures. I still love working with people from different nationalities and cultural backgrounds. I find it personally enriching in ways I hadn't even anticipated and so I wouldn't trade it for anything. If only airports were just a little less aggravating, a little less off-putting and a little less depressing. Maybe jet pack technology is the future? Or better yet, Star Trek-style transporters? Hope springs eternal.

Wherever you are, a lovely, relaxing weekend free of air travel hassles to all.


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