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Dear House Of Cards: Please Bring Back Tom Broecker!

Apr 02 2014

Claire Underwood:House of Cards:costume:fashion

It would be difficult to overestimate the importance of wardrobe in film, television and theatre. The right costume choices can communicate crucial information about a character's mood, personality and status without the actor ever uttering a single word. Besides the excellent writing and rich, complicated plot lines featured on the Netflix series House of Cards, costume design is one of the aspects of the show I admired most about Season 1.

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Anna Wintour Apologizes To Vogue Readers.

Apr 01 2014


See how contrite she looks?!

In a brief press release issued by Condé Nast earlier today, Anna Wintour, editor-in-chief of American Vogue expressed regret for her decision to cast reality television personality Kim Kardashian on the April 2014 cover of her magazine.

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Too Little Accountability For Fashion Media.

Mar 31 2014

Screen Shot 2014-03-27 at 9.22.20 AM

When fashion historians look back at this April 2014 cover of French fashion glossy Jalouse featuring 12 year-old Thylane Blondeau, they will no doubt conclude (correctly) that the fashion media reached a new level of depravity in 2014. How else to explain the casting of a prepubescent child on the cover of a magazine purportedly targeting women aged 25-40?

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A Few Random Musings On The State Of Fashion.

Mar 27 2014


After the fashion week marathon with all the shows, parties and petty drama, I always find it useful to take a step back and let it all sink in. There are so many wonderful things to celebrate about fashion but there are also aspects that I find profoundly irritating, many of which were prominently on display during this past round of shows.

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A Return To The Pre-Owned Luxury Market For Christie's?

Mar 26 2014


As you may have read, Christie's recently launched an online-only action of pre-owned luxury handbags and accessories. Not surprisingly, the sale's highlights include a number of coveted exotic skin Hermès Birkin and Kelly handbags.

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Anna Wintour Remodels 'Vogue' As 'The National Inquirer' With Better Pictures.

Mar 24 2014


In her 2011 interview with CBS' Serena Altschul, Anna Wintour declares: "To be in 'Vogue' has to mean something. It's an endorsement. It's a validation." Well then, what are we to make of Vogue's April cover subject, Kim Kardashian*?

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Nicolas Ghesquiere On Lessons Learned.

Mar 19 2014


The March 2014 issue of Vanity Fair has just hit the newsstands in the U.S. and it has a perfectly timed profile of French fashion designer Nicolas Ghesquière.

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L'Wren Scott: In Her Own Words.

Mar 18 2014


From the outside, she seemed to have it all. Talent, beauty, wealth and glamour. Whatever it was that lead her to take her own life, we'll never know for sure. Perhaps we should simply remember her for the thoughtfulness she brought to an industry that is frequently too absorbed with itself to think of others.

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Poor, Beleaguered "Uncle Terry"?

Mar 17 2014

Terry Richardson:Woody Allen

Richardson posing with Woody Allen, patron saint of dirty old men everywhere.

As you may have heard, the luxury and fashion worlds' "pervert of choice", Terry Richardson (aka "Uncle Terry"), has finally broken his silence and addressed the multiple allegations of sexual misconduct that have been swirling around him. The man The Guardian recently dubbed "fashion's shameful secret" penned what can only be described as a "non-denial denial" according to which, the allegations in question are nothing but rumors, lies, false accusations, libelous claims and an Internet witch hunt.

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Oh To Be A Fly On The Wall At Fashion Week ...

Mar 12 2014


Raf Simons: “Excuse me Sidney, can I take a photo?”

Photographers often have a privileged perch from which to observe the various antics that take place throughout fashion week. Usually, they let their images speak for themselves but Vanity Fair France recently published a series of photos with the commentary of photographer François Goizé.

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