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Jean Paul Gaultier To Cease Pret-A-Porter Activities.

Sep 16 2014

Jean Paul Gaultier Ceases Pret a Porter Activities

Today is a sad day indeed for the world of French fashion. Citing the "accelerated pace of the fashion schedule and commercial constraints", Jean Paul Gaultier has announced that he would be ceasing his pret-a-porter activities to concentrate exclusively on haute couture.

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Fashion As An Expression Of Individuality: Take 3.

Sep 09 2014

Screen Shot 2014-07-09 at 10.58.34

It's the start of the Fashion Week Marathon. This post is dedicated to all those who believe that fashion is a form of self-expression and an extension of our individuality.

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Reminder: Hackers On The Runway Conference.

Jun 30 2014


There has to be more to luxury's digital future than Google Glass and diamond-encrusted cell phones. That's why I'm excited to be attending the upcoming Hackers on the Runway conference which will take place in Paris tomorrow and Wednesday (July 1 & 2).

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A Vogue Cover You Won't Be Ashamed To Display.

Jun 23 2014


While nothing will ever redeem Anna Wintour after that cover, the site of Lupita Nyong'o's radiant smile on the July issue of U.S. Vogue is certainly a breath of fresh air in an otherwise stale industry.

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Suzy Menkes And Fashion's Bitch Brigade.

Jun 09 2014



In her much awaited inaugural column for Vogue, former International New York Times fashion critic Suzy Menkes has taken on what she termed “the bitch brigade”.

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Well Done Mr. Altuzarra!

Jun 03 2014

Joseph Altuzarra

Ever since fashion became fashionable with financiers, the industry has become far too fashionable for its own good. It seems that everyone and their mother wants to be a fashion designer: Celebrities, rappers, pop stars, models, stylists, actresses …

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Anna Wintour's Conscience.

May 28 2014


"I mean, I can't in good conscience support sharia law Grace!"

As you may have heard, US Vogue Editor-in-Chief Anna Wintour has joined the boycott of Dorchester Collection hotels in protest of the Sultan of Brunei's decision to extend full sharia law throughout his kingdom. Dorchester Collection properties include Le Meurice and Plaza Athénée in Paris, the Principe di Savoia in Milan and The Dorchester and 45 Park Lane in London.

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Le Méridien’s “Unlock Art” Series Invites You To Explore Surrealism.

May 21 2014


René Magritte, The Lovers, 1928

“It was positively surreal.” How often do we use that term to describe an event or incident that strikes us as bizarre? It’s not clear exactly when the term was vacuumed up by popular culture to become a synonym for “weird” but it does illustrate the far-reaching impact of the cultural movement founded by French writer and poet André Breton. It is that movement that is the subject of the penultimate film from Le Méridien’s Unlock Art series.

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Has The Bar Been Set Too Low For "Style Icons" and Role Models?

May 13 2014


The CFDA will soon be anointing Rihanna as the "Fashion Icon of the Year" at its annual dinner this coming June. The ostensible purpose of the award is to recognize her "contribution to fashion".

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On The Politics Of Luxury.

May 12 2014


International relations, politics, human rights … These are not normally subjects you’ll hear discussed at your standard luxury industry event. In fact, these are subjects that most luxury brands are keen to avoid discussing publicly altogether.

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