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All In The Family.

Mar 09 2015

Salma Hayek:Pomellato

As you may have read, Salma Hayek replaces Tilda Swinton as the face of Italian jewellery brand Pomellato.

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Nicolas Ghesquiere On Lessons Learned.

Mar 19 2014


The March 2014 issue of Vanity Fair has just hit the newsstands in the U.S. and it has a perfectly timed profile of French fashion designer Nicolas Ghesquière.

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Gordon Ramsey Testing The Limits Of The "World Class Chef As Brand" Model.

Oct 08 2013


After losing his Michelin star at London's Claridge's restaurant in 2010, Gordon Ramsey got dinged again last week. The British chef's Manhattan outpost "The London" lost it's two star rating in the most recent edition of the Michelin Guide.

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Luxury: Cartier's Highly Covetable "Collection Paris Nouvelle Vague".

Jun 27 2013

Cartier %22Collection Paris Nouvelle Vague%22

I tend to blow hot and cold on fine jewelry boutique collections (as opposed to haute joaillerie collections). Because they're intended to appeal to the greatest number of potential consumers, too often the result is insipid from a design point of view with pieces lacking any real character. The new "Collection Paris Nouvelle Vague" from Cartier however is anything but.

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Luxury: 80 Is The New 20 And Other Urban Myths.

Sep 06 2012

Isabella rosselini: bulgari

You'll no doubt be happy to learn that luxury and fashion brands are reportedly catching on to that underserved, underappreciated demographic, "mature" women. According to the FT's Liza Foreman in a piece penned for the paper's Style section last weekend, luxury brands are "waking up to the [spending] power of "older" women". Good news for women of all ages, right?

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Luxury: On Messages And Messengers.

May 31 2012

Diane Kruger:Cannes

I should probably start this post by stating that I have nothing against Diane Kruger per se. She may very well be a highly competent actress. Having said this, I can't be entirely certain of that last statement as she seems to spend considerably more time at red carpet appearances than on actual movie sets making movies.

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Fashion: Topshop Does The Right Thing.

May 02 2012

Topshop Tweet Wendy Brandes

If you've been following the controversy regarding Topshop's sale of rings strikingly similar to those designed by independent NYC-based jeweler Wendy Brandes, then you may already be aware that Topshop has agreed to withdraw the offending product and has apologized to the designer. I'm happy for Ms. Brandes and I commend Topshop for doing the right thing.

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Fashion: Touching Tribute or Cynical Marketing Ploy?

Apr 11 2012

Isabel Marant watch

Isabel Marant would like you to know that she has made a near-identical replica of her late father's watch. You see, she was very close to her late father and when she wears his watch, it makes her feel closer to him. In fact, the watch is so "precious and priceless" to her that she can't wear it every day, hence the replica.

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Luxury: Cartier Set To Unveil Short Film.

Feb 27 2012


This coming March 4, Cartier will be releasing L’Odyssée de Cartier, a short film retracing the iconic jewellery house's history and cultural influences through the ages. Unlike Dior and its series of short films featuring Academy-Award laureate Marion Cotillard however, the star of this production will be feline.

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Ab Fab For Alexis Bittar? Well Why Not Sweetie?!

Feb 09 2012

Ab Fab:Alexis Bittar

I love that rather than enlisting a celebrity to front her ad campaign, New York-based accessories designer Alexis Bittar has chosen the beloved Ab Fab characters "Edie" and "Patsy" in all their obnoxious, politically incorrect, drunken fabulousness to do the job. I love the statement it makes about the Alexis Bittar brand even more: Humour. Most brands have too little of it. Kudos to you for taking the risk Ms. Bittar!


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