Oct 27 2014


Old Cosmetic Giant Learns New Beauty Trick?


Well, what do you know?! It's apparently possible to teach an old beauty industry giant a new beauty trick after all. Behold a gorgeous and (reportedly) un-retouched image from a new l'Oreal Paris campaign featuring academy-award winning actress Dame Helen Mirren.

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Oct 24 2014


Happy Friday!!!


We've survived another week! As far as I'm concerned, that's worth at least a small scale celebration - don't you?

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Oct 23 2014


Lost In Marella Agnelli's Magic.

Marella Agnelli:Rizzoli:2014:The Luxe Chronicles

Last night, I finally peeled the shrink wrap from Marella Agnelli: The Last Swan (Rizzoli, 2014). Co-written by Marella Agnelli and Marella Caracciolo Chia, it is a mix of biography and autobiography coupled with beautiful images of various Agnelli homes and their sumptuous gardens.

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Oct 22 2014


Can A Tree Grow In Place Vendome?


Sociologist and media critic Marshall McLuhan once described art in these terms: "Art at its most significant is a Distant Early Warning System that can always be relied on to tell the old culture what is beginning to happen to it."

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Oct 21 2014


Requiescat In Pace Mr. De La Renta.

Oscar de la renta

I woke up this morning to the very sad news of Oscar de la Renta's passing. So much has been written about the man, his tremendous skill, generosity and elegance of mind and spirit that there seems little left to say. Instead, I would like to share a personal anecdote.

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Oct 20 2014


The Trouble With "The Honourable Woman".

Dame Julia Walsh:Janet McTeer:The Honourable Woman

We seem to be living in a golden age of television. I can't recall a time when we were so spoiled for rich, satisfying, plot-driven drama. I recently binged on the excellent BBC spy thriller The Honourable Woman. It was so compelling and complex that I had to watch it a second time just to grasp all the twists and turns (a pleasure rather than an imposition).

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Oct 17 2014


Gimme An 'F' ...

Gimme An F

It's been a long, hectic week and I can say without hesitation that I'm relieved the week-end is near. It seems that my phone has been almost permanently affixed to my ear and my iPad became dangerously hot from overuse yesterday. It's time therefore to disconnect and walk away. Are you with me?

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Oct 16 2014


He Called Her A What?!


The Sex and the City series may have lost its way in the end (as many successful television series do) and the movies it spawned were disappointingly superficial but like many women, the series in its early incarnation remains dear to my heart.

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Oct 14 2014


Porter Magazine Persuades.


I should state from the outset that I'm a huge fan of Net-A-Porter and the people behind it. I've been a loyal customer since 2006 and the bulk of my fashion-related purchases are made on their site. Whether or not that makes me more inclined to like Porter magazine as a result, I couldn't say for sure. What I can say however is that to date, I'm fairly impressed by what the team behind Porter has managed to do in only five issues.

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Oct 13 2014


What Would Sade Say?


Unless you live under a rock, you've probably already come across the film commissioned by the Musee d'Orsay to publicise its upcoming exhibit on the Marquis de Sade, Sade: Attacking The Sun. The film depicts a highly stylised, artfully lit orgy.

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