Jul 30 2015


Introducing The Bag Formerly Known As A 'Birkin Croco'.

Birkin Croco

Oh dear. Trouble in luxury land.

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Jul 27 2015


Made My Day Madame Secretary.

Screen Shot 2015-07-21 at 11.20.30

Last week, I learned that one of my personal heroes, former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, was to make a guest appearance on season two of the CBS drama Madame Secretary. How cool is that?

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Jul 23 2015


U.S. Vogue Brought To You By Pixar?

U.S. Vogue:August 2015:Nicole Kidman

Someone at U.S. Vogue has a twisted notion of what human beings are supposed to look like.

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Jul 10 2015


Finally Friday ...

Sun Hat

It's finally Friday and not a minute too soon either.

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Jul 09 2015


Donna Karan Steps Down.

Donna Karan:1992 In Women We Trust Campaign

I was sad to hear the news that designer Donna Karan would be stepping down as chief designer of the company she founded in 1984. I was even sadder to learn that her main line, Donna Karan New York, is being "suspended" while the lower priced DKNY will live on.

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Jul 07 2015


Fashion Crimes?

Vintage miniskirt 60's

The miniskirt has become so ubiquitous in our culture that it's hard to believe it raises more than an admiring glance or two. Not so in Morocco.

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Fashion As An Expression of Individuality: Take 4.


As my regular readers know well, I like to poke holes in the notion that fashion is an expression of individuality.

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Jul 03 2015


Happy Friday!

Kate Parker

I love this image by photographer Kate Parker for the exuberance and joy it communicates.

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Paris When It Sizzles.

Paris When It Sizzles

Cole Porter sang "I love Paris in the summer when it sizzles". I can't say I share his enthusiasm.

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Jul 01 2015


I Salute You Misty Copeland.


I greeted yesterday's news that Misty Copeland had been promoted to principal dancer by the American Ballet Theater with utter elation.

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