Oct 14 2015


On The Decline of Playboy.

Vintage Playboy Cover

I've been mulling over the decision by Playboy to cease featuring naked women in its pages.

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Oct 09 2015


Happy Fashion Friday!

Anna della Russo

Not me but a reasonable facsimile of my current mood.

It's finally Friday and not a moment too soon. The shows are over, the parties have wrapped and buyers, press, bloggers and fashion enthusiasts have gone home.

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Oct 07 2015


Hung Up On The 90's Hedi?

Saint Laurent:Spring Summer 2016

Didn't catch the recent Saint Laurent show during Paris Fashion Week? Not to worry, I'll fill your in.

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Oct 06 2015


Time To Move On?

Celine Handbags

What makes a luxury accessory desirable? When does it stop being coveted and why?

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Oct 05 2015


Food For Thought.


It's fashion week here in Paris and outside virtually every show venue is the usual circus of attendees, bodyguards, drivers, celebrities and street style bloggers, the latter either seeking to photograph or be photographed.

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Sep 30 2015


Fashion As An Expression Of Individuality: Take 5.

Same Glasses

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Sep 28 2015


Subtlety Is Dead. So Now What?


A glittery car wash entrance sign pointing to the model's crotch... Perhaps Jeremy Scott thought he was being clever, original even. Or perhaps he was simply pandering to Katy Perry in the hopes of designing the costumes for her next tour.

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Sep 23 2015


Thank You Cathy Horyn.


This passage from the former New York Times fashion critic's review of Kanye West's latest fashion offering nearly brought tears to my eyes for its brutal honesty:

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Sep 22 2015


Back At It!

Lisa Fonssagrives 2

Definitely not me.

Dear Readers: I know what you're thinking. I signed off on August 3 for a few weeks of summer holiday and now, here we are on September 22. My first post in over six weeks.

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Aug 03 2015


I'm Off!

See You In September!

Last Friday, I was walking down the street when I noticed that the only language not being spoken was French. That could only mean one thing ...

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