Mar 19 2014


Nicolas Ghesquiere On Lessons Learned.


The March 2014 issue of Vanity Fair has just hit the newsstands in the U.S. and it has a perfectly timed profile of French fashion designer Nicolas Ghesquière.

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Mar 18 2014


L'Wren Scott: In Her Own Words.


From the outside, she seemed to have it all. Talent, beauty, wealth and glamour. Whatever it was that lead her to take her own life, we'll never know for sure. Perhaps we should simply remember her for the thoughtfulness she brought to an industry that is frequently too absorbed with itself to think of others.

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Mar 17 2014


Poor, Beleaguered "Uncle Terry"?

Terry Richardson:Woody Allen

Richardson posing with Woody Allen, patron saint of dirty old men everywhere.

As you may have heard, the luxury and fashion worlds' "pervert of choice", Terry Richardson (aka "Uncle Terry"), has finally broken his silence and addressed the multiple allegations of sexual misconduct that have been swirling around him. The man The Guardian recently dubbed "fashion's shameful secret" penned what can only be described as a "non-denial denial" according to which, the allegations in question are nothing but rumors, lies, false accusations, libelous claims and an Internet witch hunt.

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Mar 14 2014


Raise Your Glass To The Week-End ...

The Luxe Chronicles 2

Raise it high, raise it often!

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Mar 12 2014


Oh To Be A Fly On The Wall At Fashion Week ...


Raf Simons: “Excuse me Sidney, can I take a photo?”

Photographers often have a privileged perch from which to observe the various antics that take place throughout fashion week. Usually, they let their images speak for themselves but Vanity Fair France recently published a series of photos with the commentary of photographer François Goizé.

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Mar 11 2014


Deja Vu At Chanel?


Well, will you look at what Karl Lagerfeld and his clever design minions at Chanel came up with for the Fall 2014 accessories line … A purse in the form of a milk carton! How original!! How whimsical!! How … Oh wait.

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Mar 10 2014


Fashion As An Expression Of Individuality: Take 2


Same attire?

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Mar 07 2014


Leap Into The Week-End!


The week-end is just a few short hours away …

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Mar 06 2014


Talk Is Cheap. Now Show Me The Walk.


"Oh-oh! Someone amongst us is not a real feminist …"

Saturday, March 8 is International Women's Day. In the spirit of the day, I would like all those fashion editors pushing feminism as a trend and flats as a symbol of female empowerment to put their money where their mouth is. Here is a list of changes I would like the fashion industry to embrace.

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Mar 05 2014


A Message For All The "Far Away Gatekeepers Of Beauty".


The fashion industry measures diversity by the number of models of color cast for runway shows or the presence of models of color cast in major brand campaigns. While numbers are clearly important, social progress is often difficult to measure in objective terms. We therefore shouldn't neglect the individual narratives for they highlight the reasons why diversity in fashion matters in the first place.

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