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Back In The Saddle.

Apr 28 2014

Back In The Saddle

Dear Readers: My apologies for the prolonged silence. I so wish I had an interesting story to tell you but sadly, I have nothing more exciting to explain my absence than the usual excuses: Work, work-related travel and familial obligations. I know. So exciting, right?

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What Was That You Were Saying Mr. Zuckerberg?

Mar 20 2014


"I'm shocked, shocked to find that data collection has been going on here!"

Do you remember that classic scene in Casablanca when Captain Renault walks into Rick's café and exclaims "I'm shocked, shocked to find that gambling is going on in here!" while a casino attendant hands him a wad of cash? That scene immediately came to mind when I read The Guardian this morning.

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36 Hours In Google Purgatory For No Good Reason.

Feb 26 2014

The Luxe Chronicles

If you happened to visit The Luxe Chronicles over the past 36 hours or so, you were probably greeted with a very scary warning from Google indicating that my site appeared to be infected with malware. It was not.

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New Year, New Look!

Jan 08 2014

Makeover Madness:Steven Meisel:Vogue Italia

As you may have noticed, The Luxe Chronicles has had "a little bit of work" done recently to borrow a popular euphemism.

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Luxury: Club-e-Luxe International Summit Is Back!

Jun 06 2013


It's June and that means the Club eLuxe International Summit is finally here. This year's event will take place on Wednesday, June 12 and is entitled "The Web Economy: Understanding How Digital Media is Re-Writing the Rules of Luxury & Transforming Value Creation."

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Digital Privacy: An Open Letter To Sheryl Sandberg & Ben Rooney.

Apr 22 2013

Facebook sheryl sandberg

Dear Ms. Sandberg & Mr. Rooney:

I would like to address with you the April 19 blog post entitled "Facebook Understands Europe's Privacy Fears Says Sandberg" published on the WSJ's "Tech Europe" blog.

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Luxury: Next Club eLuxe International Summit On The Horizon.

Apr 11 2013

Club eluxe seminar

As regular readers of this blog know, the biannual Club eLuxe events held in Paris in January and June are a "must" on my calendar. I'm therefore pleased to announce that the upcoming full day seminar will take place at Paris' historic Hotel Le Meurice on June 12, 2013. The topic on the agenda this time around: "The Web Economy: Understanding How Digital Media is Re-writing the Rules of Luxury & Transforming Value Creation".

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Fashion: Oh Come On Now Mr. Tonchi!

Mar 05 2013

Not Me But A Reasonable Facsimile Of My Reaction

Not me but a reasonable facsimile of my reaction to Stefano Tonchi's comment.

The mudslinging between fashion bloggers and members of the fashion media that ensued after the publication of Suzy Menkes' piece The Circus of Fashion continued throughout Paris Fashion Week with a video published by Now Fashion late last week. At approximately 7:18 into it, W Magazine editor Stefano Tonchi had this to say:

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Digital Fashion: Waiting For Vogue ...

Feb 12 2013

Anna Wintour

Anna Wintour is reportedly a stickler for punctuality. The infamously impatient editor-in-chief of American Vogue runs a tight ship and expects everyone around her to be on time (a character trait I admire and relate to by the way). She's even known for being routinely early to fashion shows and is frequently the first editor to arrive. I raise this only because it makes the perpetually slow upload of images from the New York shows to the Vogue site all the more perplexing.

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Social Media: Follow The Fakers?

Jan 30 2013

Meg ryan:diner scene:when-harry-met-sally-meg-ryan-faking-orgasm-1989-movie-still-03

I've been getting a steady stream of press releases about so-called "social media experts" lately, usually people I've never heard of but who I'm assured have "mastered the art" of "spreading the word" and "getting the message out" via social media platforms. Typically, these self-proclaimed experts have hundreds of thousands of followers on Twitter and Facebook which presumably they acquired thanks to their social media savvy.

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