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Digital Commerce: Putting A Price On Personal Data.

Jan 22 2013


Still think all that online data being collected from you and about you is relatively unimportant and without real value? The French tax authorities beg to differ. A new report commissioned by France's Ministry of Finance has just been tabled and it suggests placing a tax on the personal data collected by e-commerce and social networking sites.

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Bloggers Behaving Badly.

Nov 01 2012

The Luxe Chronicles:Disclosure

"Still figuring it out? Really?"

When I read the piece on bloggers "cashing in" on The Guardian Blog on Monday, I shrugged it off as merely "old media" finally catching on to the ways of "new media". But then, I read a very similar article in French daily Libération and I started to suspect I was caught up in some freaky space/time continuum snafu.

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My Apologies.

Jun 19 2012

Naughty Blogger

I've been a rather naughty blogger. Last week was a blur of meetings, travel and follow-up e-mails and this week seems to be shaping up pretty much the same way. Despite my best intentions, I simply have not had time to post new content. Rather than publish insipid drivel or posts which are simply not à la hauteur of my distinguished readers, I decided to not publish at all. I promise I'll do better next week.


The Luxe Chronicles

Digital Luxury: Off To Club eLuxe!

Jun 05 2012

Uche Okonkwo:Club eLuxe

Dear Readers:

I will be attending the annual one day summit of Club eLuxe at the Ritz Hotel here in Paris tommorrow (June 6). The topic of this year's event will be "E-Commerce, F-Commerce & M-Commerce: Integrating & Optimising the Online & Offline Selling Channels for Luxury". No matter what the topic, I always look forward to this event because unlike the typical luxury industry conference, the limited number of participants ensures an opportunity for genuine interaction and exchange with speakers and fellow attendees.

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Luxury: Exploring The Science Behind Guerlain's Orchidée Impériale.

Feb 20 2012

The recession has done little to dampen the ardour of luxury brands for celebrity spokesmodels and so the love affair between perveyors of fineries and practitioners of the seventh art continues unabated. French cosmetics brand Guerlain is set to unveil today the first of a series of short films dedicated to its Orchidée Impériale skincare line featuring Michelle Yeoh.

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Carine Roitfeld: "There Is a Very Fine Line Between Accepting a Gift and Being Bought."

Sep 28 2011

Olivier Zahm and Carine Roitfeld

Unless you live deep within the caves of Afghanistan with little or no communication with the outside world, you no doubt are aware that "Irreverent", the tribute book dedicated to former Paris Vogue editor Carine Roitfeld penned by Olivier Zahm (Purple Magazine) is set to drop just in time for Paris Fashion Week. Ms. Roitfeld is therefore currently doing a series of press interviews for the book including one in which she graciously sat down with a group of French fashion bloggers.

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Social Media: Mr. Zuckerberg Goes To Washington.

Sep 27 2011


First came the heavyweight lobbyist in the form of Joel Kaplan, former deputy chief of staff under George W. Bush and the man known throughout Washington as responsible for successfully shepherding the highly invasive Patriot Act through Congress. Now comes the PAC (Political Action Committee) which will funnel political donations to various political candidates who might be persuaded to help them advance their policy interests. This is no coincidence.

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Breaking: Fashion Writer Dares To Publicly Criticize Tom Ford.

Sep 20 2011


Dear Readers:

Apologies for the delay in posting this morning. I was momentarily dazed and confused after reading an actual honest critique of Tom Ford's Spring/Summer 2012 collection in The Guardian this morning. I'm collecting myself right now but please do take the time to read this short piece posted by Jess Cartner-Morley. I also suggest you bookmark the webpage as this type of event doesn't happen every fashion season.


The Luxe Chronicles

Social Media: A Bit Of Common Courtesy Will Do.

Sep 15 2011

The Luxe Chronicles:Dear Blogger

"Dear Blogger Person ... "

In my work, I have the opportunity to interact with a great many PR firms and reps who are polite, effective and utterly professional. Having said this, my "IN" box is currently clogged with e-mails from PR reps representing celebrities, designers and/or brands with a rather questionable grasp of business etiquette or even common courtesy.

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Fashion: Bloggers In Bed With Brands ...

Jul 28 2011

BipLing:Forever 21

Isn't it ironic that fashion bloggers, once plucky outsiders who were unafraid to speak their mind honestly and hold brands accountable for their missteps are now eagerly embracing business opportunities with those same brands? Fashion blogging has obviously come a long way. The latest high-profile blogger/brand alliance features controversial US-based high street fast fashion chain Forever 21 and UK-based blogger Bip Ling. The latter is fronting the media campaign for the opening of the chain's first UK store.

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